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Exotic house-blend teas served hot or iced, health promoting infusions and herbs, delicious rich coffee imported from Belgium, rich creamy hot chocolates imported from Italy, and a variety of cold bottled drinks all make for a diverse range of options for any mood.

House Specialty Drinks


Special Persian Brewed Tea

Bottomless cup of house-blend signature black tea infused with cardamom and rose petals


Tehran Fog Latte

Our house blend tea brewed with Persian spices, steamed with milk and sweetened with rose water syrup


Turkish Coffee

This is a lightly sweetened, dense, small potent cup of coffee made with finely ground spiced coffee grounds imported from Turkey.

Coffee & Hot Chocolate













Hot Chocolate

A rich thick drinking chocolate exclusively for Botte from Italy


Cold Drinks

Herbal Real Brewed Iced Tea

Custom sweetened, please ask for featured selection

DRY Soda

(low-cal carbondated bottled drinks)

Barbican Melt

(bottled flavoured non-alchoholic beers)

Herbal Tea Infusions

(in order of none to moderate caffeine)

Pacific Coast Mint

Organic Peppermint, Organic Spearmint

Sweet Apple Chamomile

Apple bits, chamomile blossoms, cinamon bits, natural flavoring

Pineapple Lemonade

Apple bits, pineapple bits, ginger bits, lemon peel, lemongrass, natural falvoring, tantaric acids

Peach n’ Cream

Apple pieces, hibiscus, rosehips, orange peels, peach pieces, nettle leaves, blue mallow flowers, cornflowers, chamomile

Chocolate Monkey

Organic rooibos, oragnic cacao nibs, organic apple bits, organic banana chips, pink peppercorn, chocolate, natural flavors

Beet It

Beetroots, carrots, lemongrass, sage, rose hip, gogi berries, mangos, pinapple, blueberries

Jardin a la Francaise

Apple, hazelnut leaves, lavender blossoms, sunflower blossom, rosehip peel, rose petals, mallow blossoms, marigold blossoms, peppermint leaves


Ginseng, liquorice, peppermint, hibiscus, lemongrass, passion fruit, St. John’s wort, lemon

Blood Orange Oolong

Oolong tea, apple slices, pineapple bits, hibiscus, orange slices, chrysanthemum

Lemon Lime Sage

Organic green tea, organic ginger root, organic lemongrass, organic lemon

Raspberry Punch

Organic green tea, organic raspberry, organic hibiscus

Berry Rose Slenderize

5 Years Aged Pu-Erh, green oolang tea, spearmint, peppermint, rose petals, pineapple cubes, apple pieces, freeze-dried apple pieces, hibiscus, freeze-dried yogurt granules, sultanas, elderberries, coconut chips, freeze-dried banana pieces, freeze-dried cherry pieces, whole raspberries, chickweed

A mug of botte chai coffee sits atop a coaster at Botte Chai Bar in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.
A mug of botte chai tea sits atop a coster at an empty table in Botta Chai Bar of Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Across the table, a smaler mug can be seen.
A cup filled with a botta chai latte sits atop a floral designed coaster at Botta Chai Bar in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.


Persian culinary culture is deeply rooted in its rich agricultural identity. The central tenet of the cuisine is using fresh ingredients when in season, 
and in their preserved format during the off-seasons.

The influences are broad and shared among many countries of the region. At Botté Chai Bar, we strive to serve you food and drinks inspired by and rooted in Persian culture and heritage.

Light Food

Herb Kuku Wrap

Fresh herbs finely diced and cooked together with eggs, barberries and walnuts all wrapped up with a smoked eggplant yogurt sauce, dill pickles, radishes and homemade pickled cabbage served with a side of yogurt dip.

Beef and Potato Kotlet Wrap

Ground beef and potato patty, laced with a
zesty sundried tomato sauce, homemade pickled cabbage, pickles and crispy fried shallots served with a side of yogurt dip.


Aush is a staple of Iranian and Afghan cuisine which is a braised vegetable and legume-based soup, There are infinite local variations of this dish to accommodate seasonal produce. Ask your server to today’s selection.

Bulgur Wheat Salad

Tomatoes, cucumber, mint, parsley and onions in a lemon, olive oil and tomato vinaigrette mixed with bulgur wheat. (Gluten-free option available).

Combo Special

Your choice of wrap with a small soup or small salad.

Mezze Platter

These snacking platters are filled with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influenced nibblies, to create either a light meal for one or a snack to share with a friend. Whether dipping the fresh vegetables into the lime hummus or eggplant and whey dip or spreading the feta and walnut spread on the pita rolled up with the fresh herbs, enjoying the dried fruits, artichokes and olives, there are several ways to enjoy this finger food. ** Rice crackers available



A delicate layering of phyllo dough, walnuts, cardamom with a rosewater syrup topped with pistachios

Saffron Rice Pudding

Rice cooked with sugar, almond slivers and the delicate flavour of saffron with a touch of rosewater makes this dessert a Persian favourite.

Cookie Plate

Your choice of 3 cookies from our selection.

Saffron Pistachio Ice Cream

A delicious uniquely Persian ice cream experience. A vanilla based ice cream infused with saffron, pistachios and rose water.

Café Crema

A light, rich coffee based frozen treat that is best described as a cross between a soft-serve ice cream and whipped mousse.

Assorted Chocolate Bar Cakes

Imported from Montreal’s Christopher Morel Chocolatier
These decadent cakes are created with various layers of cake, mousse, wafers or biscuits and/or fruit jelly covered in chocolate and almonds. *See display for featured flavours

Assorted Round Mini Cakes

*See display for featured flavours

Feature Selections

We like to change things up from time to time, so check our display case for something new off menu!

An edible flower floats atop a yellow soup at Botte Chai Bar in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.
A row of finely made deserts are showcased at Botte Chai Bar in Saskatoon Saskatchewan
A mezze platter sits on a table at Botte Chai Bar in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. The platter has cucumber and radish slices, pita bread, olives, grape tomatoes, hummus, kale, and a varity of dips and nuts.

Weekend Brunch

Our lineup of omelettes from 4 distinct regions of Iran, featuring herbs and vegetables native to the region, served with all you can eat fresh wholesome barbari bread. Combine it with our house Persian tea, and it’s a perfect combination. For those who dislike or are allergic to eggs, the Peasant breakfast is sure to satisfy.

Persian Omelette Platters

Includes 2 hard-fried eggs, a bowl of braised lentils, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, AYCE Persian bread with your choice of fig jam or sesame spread with maple syrup


Braised Tomatoes

Roma tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, fried onions


Nargessi – Spinanch & Saffron

Braised spinach, feta, fried onions, garlic, saffron


Dates and Feta

Caramelized Madjool dates, fried feta, bacon bits


Boroshteh – Feta and Dill

Crumbled Feta, dill, caramelized onions, turmeric



Eggplant, Roma tomatoes, garlic, fried onions


Sausage and Spinach

Persian pork sausage, spinach, crumbled feta


Peasant Breakfast

A bowl of braised lentils, cucumbers, tomatoes, AYCE Persian bread, fig jam, sesame spread, Macedonian feta with walnuts, dried figs and dates

Children’s Plate

A bowl of braised lentils, AYCE Persian bread with choice of spread, 1 fried egg

Optional add-on: Persian Sausage

A hand crafted pork sausage flavoured with Persian spices prepared for us by Pig and Pantry

A woman uses her fork and knife to cut into a weekend brunch at Botte Chai Bar in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.
A plated weekend brunch at Botte Chai Bar in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. The plate contains a multitude of fish, some sausage, and garnish such as green onion.
A number of weekend brunches are plated at Botte Chai Bar in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.
The swirling, teardrop shaped symbol of Botte Chai Bar.

Sustenance For Your Soul

We partner with local partners and “all-star” line-up of Saskatoon-based local and international food artisans to bring you fresh pastries, sweets, foods and refreshments.

In addition, we have made it a point to offer Saskatoon the very best from around the world. Our fair trade hand-selected, single source, organic coffee comes via Belgium, where Rombouts coffee is the preferred choice of the Belgian Royal Court. Our variety of decadent, preservative-free hot chocolates come from the very best sources from Italy. Our European mini-cakes are delivered made to order. Delectable chocolate cakes are sourced directly from Christophe Morel chocolatier in Montreal.

While we try to rotate our offerings, our patrons demand that we keep many staples a constant. We want to ensure that no two visits are the same for you…so you can find something new and exotic with every trip to Botté Chai Bar.

We suggest ordering a variety of items, and share them family style.

Nooshe Jaan – may it be sustenance for your soul!

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