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Exotic house-blend teas served hot or iced, health promoting infusions and herbs, delicious rich coffee imported from Belgium, rich creamy hot chocolates imported from Italy, and a variety of cold bottled drinks all make for a diverse range of options for any mood.


Persian culinary culture is deeply rooted in its rich agricultural identity. The central tenet of the cuisine is using fresh ingredients when in season, and in their preserved format during the off-seasons.

The influences are broad and shared among many countries of the region. At Botté Chai Bar, we strive to serve you food and drinks inspired by and rooted in Persian culture and heritage.

Rice Bowl

Available 4:30pm to 8:30pm


Our lineup of omelettes from 4 distinct regions of Iran, featuring herbs and vegetables native to the region, served with all you can eat fresh wholesome barbari bread. Combine it with our house Persian tea, and it’s a perfect combination. For those who dislike or are allergic to eggs, the Peasant breakfast is sure to satisfy.

The swirling, teardrop shaped symbol of Botte Chai Bar.

Sustenance For Your Soul

We partner with local partners and “all-star” line-up of Saskatoon-based local and international food artisans to bring you fresh pastries, sweets, foods and refreshments.

In addition, we have made it a point to offer Saskatoon the very best from around the world. Our fair trade hand-selected, single source, organic coffee comes via Belgium, where Rombouts coffee is the preferred choice of the Belgian Royal Court. Our variety of decadent, preservative-free hot chocolates come from the very best sources from Italy. Our European mini-cakes are delivered made to order. Delectable chocolate cakes are sourced directly from Christophe Morel chocolatier in Montreal.

While we try to rotate our offerings, our patrons demand that we keep many staples a constant. We want to ensure that no two visits are the same for you…so you can find something new and exotic with every trip to Botté Chai Bar.

We suggest ordering a variety of items, and share them family style.

Nooshe Jaan – may it be sustenance for your soul!

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