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Our Story

Botté Chai Bar opened its doors on January 1, 2018. The planning and design and menu had taken the better of the 5 prior years. The concept was inspired by the culinary contributions of the first Iranian chefs to settle in the city, Behshid Zehtab-Jadid, who was among the first wave of Iranian immigrants to settle in the Saskatoon, arriving in the early 1980s, in the aftermath of the Iranian revolution.

Far from their homeland, and removed from all that was familiar to them, the Iranian community in Saskatoon remained small for years (numbering in tens). They yearned to have their own contribution to the rich and diverse culinary scene in Saskatoon. Botté is a gift to Saskatoon, offering a small glimpse of the complete Persian sensual experience and immersion in an environment of east-west cultural fusion.

The word 'botte' written in Persian.

The word Botté, pronounced “bow-teh”, is an ancient Persian symbol. A well-recognized teardrop shape, representing a cypress tree, tall and strong, with its head bowed in humility. Bent in tumultuous winds but never broken, is how Iranian people historically identify with it. The symbol was extensively
used in all regions that were once a part of the Persian empire, including India. The design was eventually adopted for duplication on textiles and fabrics in the Scottish town of Paisley, which is how the design is now known in the English language.

Everything in Botte Chai Bar has a story. The space is specifically designed to make our guests feel like they have entered an oasis to get away from all the busy-ness that is their lives. The physical setting, represents a modern western take of the elements of a classical Persian garden: the verdant plants representing the rose gardens and orchards; the water fountain representing flowing streams; plush seats with cushions of Persian rug designs; the hand-made stained glass light fixtures; the giant wall-paper design, depicting whirling dervishes, and a famous line from the famous Persian poet, Rumi: “wherefore is the beloved to intoxicate me but with the wine of love?”

We invite you to come in and enjoy Saskatoon’s hidden gem.

A woman puts the finishing garnish on plates before they're sent out to customers to enjoy at Botte Chai Bar in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.
A woman wearing an apron and rubber gloves over her clothes prepares food at Botte Chai Bar in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.
A group enjoys brunch at Botte Chai Bar in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

Our Vision

Botté is unlike any other place in Saskatoon.

When you enter Botté, Saskatoon’s first and only Persian-inspired teahouse, we want you to feel as if you have entered an oasis of calm and tranquillity, where you allow your time to slow down. Surrounded by exotic smells, flavours and setting, this will be a total sensual experience. We want our guests to thoroughly enjoy their time, whether it is spent in their own company, with an intimate companion, or a bigger group of friends.

Our specialties are an ever-changing and always fresh, light, home-made foods, sweets and drinks inspired by Persian culinary traditions and culture. As a matter of policy, we have made a point of collaborating and engaging with immigrant women in Saskatoon, to bring you a line up of authentic delicious dishes from around the world.

The swirling, teardrop shaped favicon of Botte Chai Bar.

 We feature a lineup of rotating blends of teas, ranging from high caffeine to no caffeine, and a full gamut of flavour profiles from refreshing citrus-laced teas, to the stronger black and green tea varieties, all of which are offered in both hot or served over ice versions.

Although a smaller selection of coffee drinks than most other cafes, we have made a point of bringing the very best to Saskatoon: Belgium Rombouts coffee, which is the official coffee supplier to the Belgian Royal Court. Specialized in fair trade, organic, single-source coffees, EVERY single bean is hand-selected and carefully roasted to specifications. We have arranged our inventory to ensure that every cup of coffee tastes the same, time after time.

Our hot chocolates in the winters and fresh fruit drinks in the summer are sourced directly from Italy. They can be served with or without milk and are free of any animal products, additives and preservatives. We guarantee the very best hot chocolates in the city.

We also boast the largest variety of desserts, sweets and pastries anywhere in Saskatoon, with over 25 varieties at any given time. These are sourced in collaboration with local, and national suppliers, to ensure Saskatoon citizens and our guests can enjoy the very best.

A staff member scoops tea leaves into a container to prepare tea at Botte Chai Bar in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.
Pictured is a quiet section of tables at Botte Chai Bar in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Atop one of the tables, a reservation card sits on a floral coaster.
A row of glass containers hold a variety of spices at Botte Chai Bar in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.
Botte Chai Bar Tea House

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