inspired by Persian culinary traditions

Persian Kitchen

Botte´ Chai Bar would like to inform customers that our kitchen will be closed until further notice.

A swirling flower design in red ink. The red is a simlar shade to what is sometimes called "Well Read"

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The word 'botte' written in Persian.

At Botté Chai Bar in Saskatoon, we pride ourselves on providing organic, fair trade tea and coffee. We work with local, national, and international suppliers and partners to source the freshest, highest quality offerings. Botté Chai Bar is your secret oasis, Saskatoon’s hidden gem, where you go to let your time slow down and reclaim it as your own.

Perhaps the most Persian of symbols is the “boteh”.

The representation of the cypress tree, with head bent in humility. Strong and immortal, bent but never broken…never losing its spirit.

We graciously invite you to enjoy our hospitality at Botté, proudly inspired by Persian culinary traditions

Botte Chai Bar Tea House

Stay A While

Let time slow down. Meet with friends. Relish a quiet rendezvous. Savour your solitude. Celebrate with clients after a deal. Play a game of chess or backgammon over a cup of tea. Break open that long-neglected sketchpad or notebook and create.

Simply sit back with your favourite book. Plug in your laptop and lounge on our comfortable seating with free WiFi and plenty of outlets. Come alone. Come with many. Make Botté your home away from home. And make Saskatoon’s favourite, hidden gem your own exotic oasis.

Our Menu

Persian culinary culture is deeply rooted in its rich agricultural identity.

The central tenet of the cuisine is using fresh ingredients when in season, and in their preserved format during the off seasons. The influences are broad and shared among many countries of the region. At Botté Chai Bar, we strive to serve you food and drinks inspired by and rooted in Persian culture and heritage.

A plated desert tray at Botte Chai Bar in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Baklava is garnished with a variety of nuts and spices.
Botte Chai Bar Tea House

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